With such a broad spectrum of solutions it can be diffuicult to identify where to start.

Customers trust to you and your solutions, and its only when those solutions are tested that you see the real strength of both solution and vendor.

We offer a wealth of tried and testing solutions for security, both from a Network and Application level. High value attacks from bad actors and BOTs are becoming more prevalent within the Caricom.

As an Integrator, we must provide value and protection beyond the traditional portfolio of services, to ensure that our customers have true end to end solutions. UNDSL has the capabilities to demonstrate and provide expertise on the following:

  • Firepower (FTD and MFC)
  • Identity services (ISE)
  • Stealth Watch
  • Cisco DUO (MFA) (Cloud and On Prem Gateways)
  • Umbrella
  • Privileged Access Management Solutions (PAM)
  • Web Security
  • Email Security

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Identity Security

Identity Security
security has changed overtime from traditional legacy configuration to now software defined and borderless networks.

With Our Identity Services Solutions, UNDSL can provide secure network access beyond simple username and password verifications.
Identity services should be an integral part of any organization’s cybersecurity portfolio. ISE is an all-in-one enterprise policy control platform that can reliably provide secure access for wired & wireless and VPN networks. ISE can also help our customer with secure BYOD on-boarding and allow IT to provide differentiated Guest Access.

The Identity Services Engine provides enforcement actions that allow administrators to restrict devices from the network that are violating access and policies.


Endpoint Security

Today, most attacks take place from End User application(s). We can deliver solutions that protect their employees.

Targeted threats-including phishing and malware–increasingly cause data breaches by compromising access credentials and device vulnerabilities.
UNDSL can unify user access and endpoint protection with zero-trust security for your workforce;

  • Two & Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Secure Email Security
  • Secure Web Security
  • Secure Endpoint (Advanced Malware Protection)
  • Secure Threat Response
  • Secure Edge Services Access

Internet/Application & Edge Security

Securing your Edge Network has changed quite a lot. Users are entering the network from different points, and protection is required both on and off the network. Bypassing security policies by using unauthorized Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to those Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) challenges that can bring concern to even the most seasoned professionals.

UNDSL can offer a range of products/solutions that can compliment organizations security strategies. Protection can start from the Edge and extend to the Cloud.
UNDSL offers the following range of solutions;

  • Unified Threat Management Firewalls
  • Cloud Connected Threat Intelligence
  • Advanced Threat Analytics