Hosted Services

Built and Supported Locally – Initially conceptualized for Internal training for employees, our systems moved to a phase where it was offered as a value add service for those who had network emergencies

We now offer a well-designed and easily deployable series of solutions, all residing within a local Data Center, with tiered certification.

Our portfolio is ever growing, and our hosted solutions go through rigorous testing to ensure that all aspects of the offering is reliable and fully functional. Our offerings:

  • Telephony as a Service
  • Contact Center Experience
  • Network Management
  • Equipment Spares

Unified Communications as a Service (Trinidad Only)

There are many advantages of having a subscription-based service versus owning. What we saw were are few key areas that were able to be answered.

Equipment refreshes have a higher turnaround time than yesteryear, causing budgets to change dynamically and equally important sometimes risking compliance and stability. Secondly, risk, specifically software, configuration, and management.

Finally, removal of project-based investments, components are pre-built and ready to go, all that is required from the subscriber is a payment agreement. UNDSL’s Communications services are all hosted in a Tiered ISP Data Center.

You are connected via a Private MPLS (Preferred) and can be afforded most any feature of a modern telephony system.

Most importantly, you are back by our expertise, ensuring that your systems, even beyond voice are managed with a true percentage uptime.


Network Management as a Service

Purpose built for Enterprise Cisco Gear we have the ability to Monitor, manage, update and replace your equipment.

Looking to compare a configuration change, rollback an upgrade, auto deploy an upgrade or even deploy a new site, we have you covered under our managed services agreement.

Not an Enterprise customer?

Are you exploring SMB equipment and you need to have a management system backed with engineering to quickly respond to your outages, then we also have an NMS system for you.

Ask about the demo today, it may answer a lot of your concerns.

Spares as a Service

There is always the worry, as to when, not if “Murphy’s Law” will occur. Whilst there are many backup mechanisms are in place, nothing replaces immediate access to equipment.

UNDSL has a stock of Cisco equipment, from Servers/switches/routers/phones/modules to assist our SLA customers in time of dyer emergencies.

Its an insurance , in the event of, but nonetheless a very irreplaceable service that adds intrinsic value to our customer support strategy.